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Situated on the North East Coast of Scotland, Lossiemouth is favoured by the mild Gulf Stream air, miles of excellent beaches and beautiful surrounding countryside.
The town began as a port at the mouth of the River Lossie to help the town of Elgin in trading. The port is now a busy town itself and a spectacular marina has been developed in the twin basined harbour.

Lossiemouth from the air Lossiemouth The town known affectionately as simply ‘Lossie’ offers something for everyone. There was once a railway between Lossiemouth and Elgin. The dunes in Lossie’s East Beach were made using old railway carriages to protect the seatown from heavy seas. Visitors can enjoy long walks, spectacular scenery and beautiful sandy beaches. The West Beach passing the landmark of Covesea Lighthouse is some 3 miles long. History records a hermit who inhabited a cave and would walk the headland with a torch to warn ships away from the dangerous rocks of the Covesea and Halliman Skerries. He later became known as St. Gerardine. The East Beach, characterised by its sand dunes which run parallel to the sea and the river, stretches even further. It is reached by a wooden pedestrian bridge over the river Lossie. The bridge was built originally to encourage day trippers on the old Moray Railway to visit the town in the summer months.

Dolphins golf Marina Surfer Bridge

Lossiemouth is superb for sailing or to take a boat ride for Dolphin spotting or Sea Angling. Surfers can enjoy the waves at Lossiemouth. Moray Golf Club by the West Beach has 2 fine golf courses. The Old classic Links course designed by Tom Morris in 1889 and the new precision golf course by Henry Cotton in 1979. A regular venue for Championships and a Heaven for golfers. There is also a cycle path that runs between Lossiemouth and Elgin.
The town is also home to RAF Lossiemouth, one of the main operating bases of the RAF. There are plenty of vantage points to see the Tornado aircraft of 12 (Bomber), XV (Reserve) and 617 (the famous Dambusters). The Station is also home to a Flight of the iconic yellow Sea King rescue helicopters, a regular sight in the Highlands and along the Moray coast. Several exercises are hosted each year when other nations aircraft temporarily operate from the Station. From the end of 2013 Typhoon aircraft will move to RAF Lossiemouth.
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