Slow down, and connect with nature at Lossiemouth. Our seas, river, cliffs and woodlands offer a variety of habitats for creatures great and small.

The dolphins of the Moray Firth delight visitors and residents alike, and the majestic ospreys diving for fish in the river are truly breathtaking!

Red squirrels in the woods, seals in the harbour, curlew on the estuary are just some of the highlights for the nature lover.


While on your adventure in the woods and forest, stop, listen and look around.  It may not be as quiet and peaceful as you imagine!

The cheeky local red squirrels brazenly enjoy feasting at one of the well-stocked bird feeding stations in the woods, while the small woodland birds flit about you.

At dawn and dusk, you may see deer in the woods, or even crossing the golf course.


Did you know Moray Firth is home to the UK’s largest pod of bottlenose dolphins? Focus your eyes across the water surface and look for the splash of a dark fin.

There are lots of seals around the coastline, particularly around the Skerries, the rocks with the marker in front of the West Beach. Listen carefully, you might hear them!

Orca and minke whales have also been spotted in our waters. Will you see them this time?

osprey in lossiemouth

in the air

The Lossie estuary is a haven for waders such as oystercatchers, curlew and plovers. Ducks such as wigeon, teal and goldeneye also frequent the rich marshland.

From late March, watch for ospreys hunting along the river. 

From the old bridge, walk a few hundred yards upstream to the car park by the caravan park, and you’ll have a fine view of all sorts of waterfowl.

A twitcher’s paradise!

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Getting Here

Lossiemouth is on the Moray coast, approximately 40 miles east of Inverness and 70 miles northwest of Aberdeen. The A96 is the main road between these two cities. 

Travelling by bus or train, head to Elgin for a connecting bus service to Lossiemouth.